Rollei Actioncam

Rollei Actioncam

London, UK 25th February 2015: Iconic camera manufacturer Rollei has today launched its 2015 ActionCamcorder range which boasts improved connectivity and recording resolution.

Rollei’s ActionCamcorder range is the only extreme sports camera that is box-ready for any extreme endeavour, due to the impressive number of accessories included. As well as the extensive list of accessories, including the waterproof casing, bike and helmet mounts, the updated cameras now feature WiFi connectivity and 1080p recording.

Jeremy Rother, UK Sales Manager at Rollei says: “With many extreme moments only happening once in a lifetime, it’s important to have a camcorder that’s not only reliable but also records in great quality. With our latest action camcorder range launching onto the UK market, we hope to inspire even more sports enthusiasts and ensure thrill seekers never miss the perfect moments from all their adventures.

“With more and more homes now containing at least one Smart TV, we wanted to create a product that connects to these devices as simply as possible so thrillseekers can relive the moment time and time again.”

The two cameras in the range, the ActionCam 400 and 410 cost £139.99 and £169.99 respectively. Each camera comes with RF wrist-wireless remote control, underwater case, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, frame holder, bike mount, helmet mounting kit and quick release mount.

The range includes:

The ActionCam 400 is a WiFi Action-Camcorder with Full HD video resoluti on (1080p/30fps). Integrated WiFi with up to 15 metre range, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and includes an underwater protective case for depths up to 40 meters and a rechargeable wireless wrist remote.

 The ActionCam 410 is a 4 Action-Camcorder with Full HD video resolution (1080p/60fps). Integrated WiFi with up to 15 metre range, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and includes an underwater protective case for depths up to 40 meters and a rechargeable wireless wrist remote.

For more information about the Rollei ActionCam 400/410, please contact the UK sales department on 020 8963 0444.

Bigshot DIY camera helps kids learn tech basics

Bigshot Camera

Bigshot Camera

The BBC has recently reported that A DIY digital camera designed to teach children about how the tech it uses works has been launched in the USA.

Owners of Bigshot’s device need to assemble its parts in a specific sequence to make it work. An online guide explains the science behind them.

It has been developed by a US computer science professor who used funds from Google and the US Department of Defense to develop the kit.

He aims to offer an alternative to other programming-focused projects.

“It’s about getting kids’ hands dirty,” Bigshot’s creator, Prof Shree Nayar, told the BBC. “In an age when software rules I want kids to know how to build hardware.

“We describe concepts that children would normally encounter at college, but try to make them accessible even to an 8 or 10 year old.

Owners of the camera must assemble its parts in the correct order to make it work

“That’s where a lot of our effort has gone in – to try and make things like image processing, electronics and display technology understandable at some level to younger kids.”

The camera features a hand crank to allow owners to take pictures when its battery runs out, and a rotatable wheel featuring three different lenses to let owners choose between regular, panoramic and 3D shots.

To bring the product to market, Prof Nayar has licensed the design to Hong Kong-based manufacturer EduScience which will pay him royalties on its sales.

He plans to use part of the cash to send Bigshot cameras to underprivileged children around the globe.

Read the full article on the BBC here.

Should You Trade-In Your Old Macbook Air?

Macbook Air

Macbook Air

It’s fair to say that as soon as you have bought pretty much any piece of modern technology, it’smodern technology already out of date. The rate of progress being made by the big IT companies around the globe mean that they are surpassing their own ‘latest’ advancements almost as quickly as they can get those advancements out on the shelves.

If you had wanted to sell macbook air devices recently, for example, you may have been rather dismayed (or perhaps excited?) at the announcement by Apple that they were to launch five new pieces of hardware technology.

These are: the iMac; the mini iPad (to rival the Kindle Fire for size and resolution); the macbook pro 13 (with retina display technology); the 4th generation iPad (also with retina display) and the mini Mac. Is your MacBook Air now obsolete?

Of course not. It will still do what it did that made you want to buy it in the first place. If your needs remain the same, there is no reason to change it for the latest model. But if retina display is something you really hanker for, then maybe trading it in to buy the latest version is worth it, especially if you want to use it as your main computer.

The new MacBook Air is about three-quarters of a kilogram lighter than the previous model, and is pretty close in weight to the MacBook Pro. There is even less reflectiveness in the new macbook Air’s screen, making it easier than ever to read even with the backlight, and the battery should last you about seven hours between charges.

So, if you fancy taking a closer look at the new MacBook Air and decide you like it (indeed have to have one), then how do you go about affording one? An obvious choice it to sell your MacBook Air and to use the proceeds towards cost of the new model. Sell online but make sure you’re selling to someone you know is going to pay so that you’re not wasting your time.

Article by Simon Lucas

Website Personalisation Software

online shopping

online shopping

Many analysts and businesses agree that the Internet is the place to be seen when it comes to retail and sales. High Street stores have huge overheads from business rates to point of sale merchandising every time a sale or promotion is on. The expensive high street shop rentals combined with falling visitor numbers are leading many retailers to concentrate more on E-commerce and online trading, it is considered by many as the future of retail.

Hand held applications for i-phones and android phones are becoming increasingly diverse and a new wave of online shopers are benefitting from this race for easy to use technology, retail giants are aware of this and they are making sure that their brands are ahead of the game to ensure they maximise profits wherever possible.

One of the main areas of E-commerce is online merchandising. Each E-commerce website is pitted against competition every minute of every day, millions of potential customers are browsing online for everything imaginable and retail businesses realise that online merchandising is as important, if not more so, than traditional point of sale merchandising, why? Because people can click to the next store if they don’t see what they want within seconds.

monitor image

monitor image

There are several ways of improving customer experience on E-commerce websites and one of the latest trends is website personalisation. Website personalisation software is cutting edge technology whereby a small piece of code is inserted into the template of an E-commerce website which then tracks a customers on-site activity and analyses their shopping behavior. This is then used to build a shopper profile for an individual or groups of individuals.

Shape your site experience around your customers

One of the leading companies in this field of website personalisation is Peerius. Peerius intelligently considers each individual visitor on their journey through an E-commerce website. It then looks at the products customers view, those they select, the ones they ignore, the journeys they complete and those they abandon.

The company then analyses clickstream data and utilises market leading behavioural modelling techniques to anticipate the buyer’s wants and needs. They then make comparisons with other buyers – identifying subsets of people with similar characteristics, and considering their behaviour in relation to that individual shopper. The result is an online store that’s personalised to each visitor… from home page to checkout.

Benefits of this software include:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Increased average order value
  • Easy to install on your website
  • Industry leading support

The future of online retail is changing fast and this form of web personalisation is critical for businesses to keep ahead of the pack and to help maximise sales.

Article by Simon Lucas

Printed Photo Albums

Printed Digital Photos

Printed Digital Photos

The development of the photograph over the last two centuries is without doubt one of mankind’s greatest feats to date, to be able to capture and record human existence throughout time is becoming more intriguing and important not only for nostalgic purposes but also as a documentation of what has been before.

Photograpy has been full of innovation and incredible awe inspiring technologies have emerged (such as movie film) from first development of the camera and the creation of permanent images produced in 1826 by the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

One of the greatest reasons for using a camera and probably what has driven camera development and sales since the idea of photography was first conceived is to capture family and friends for nostalgic purposes. The portrait photograph is not only for family parties and private moment, but also weddings and special events, and professional camera men and women make a living from this area of photography. Photo gifts are also big business with digital photo frames and pictures displaying loved ones and special moments on mantle pieces.

Photo Books

Photo Books

With modern digital and computer technologies, it was inevitable that the digital camera would eventually supercede the traditional camera film and cameras that supported it. Some argue that traditional film is making a come back, but this will only ever be for the enthusiasts. The ease and simplicity of digital cameras far outweighs that of traditional film cameras, also the ability to be able to store thousands of images on a small memory card or stick and the development of digital editing software means the digital camera is an exciting piece of equipment. Digital zoom lengths and pixel quality are constantly improving.

However, one downfall of the digital camera age is that, where traditional photographs could easily be compiled in photo albums, digital images often remain on memory cards or locked away in folders on computers waiting to be edited and shared on social media websites such as face-book and pinterest. The other problem is that not everyone uses facebook and other social networking sites, for many the traditional family photo albums is a great loss.

There is hope though, for those looking to recapture the ease of photo albums, a new line of photo books are available. This is thanks to advanced digital photo printing technologies. The digital images are simply printed on the pages of an album which you can offer as a photo gift to a friend or family member for them to treasure. It could be a holiday, birthday, wedding or any special occasion. To compliment this service you can now also have a photo canvas prepared with your favourite relative, loved one or even a favourite landscape or holiday image to hang on the wall or on a shelf.

The advances in such technology are paying tribute to older practices of displaying cherished photographs. Many high street photo, film and camera stores will offer this great service both in store and online, and can make an ideal gift for any occasion.

Article by Simon Lucas

Shared Web Space Vs Dedicated Servers

Fujitsu Tower Server

Fujitsu Tower Server

Most businesses who operate online, or who have an online presence will at some point need to consider web space, and with web space you need to choose a web host to provide that web space.

Most companies will simply browse online and choose a company which looks reputable or they will go by word of mouth, maybe a recommendation from a friend or their web designer. It’s a big scary world out there in the world wide web, there are a lot of unscrupulous companies and individuals out there who may claim to offer a good service, but in reality they may not live up to their word.

Web Space can be purchased cheaply, however this is usually on what is known as a shared server, which is basically one big powerful computer which hosts several websites on, from a handful of sites to hundreds. The trouble with shared servers is, if the web host does not look after and monitor the websites on the server carefully, they can operate illegally and carry out what is regarded as malicious activity, such as infecting other websites or computers. Search engines can penalise servers where this kind of activity is allowed to go un-monitored.

For this reason, many large companies or businesses who need a really secure web space will host their sites on what is known as a dedicated server.

Fujitsu Rack Server

Fujitsu Rack Server

Dedicated servers can be hired from hosting companies, but again the company needs to be trustworthy and guarantee your site is actually hosted on a dedicated server. Some people simply want full control of their site and they invest in their own dedicated server which will need to be permanently connected to the Internet.

Most people will generally only come into contact with Tower Servers and Rack Servers, both of which do the same thing. It can be more expensive to rent dedicated servers in comparison to shared server space but the rewards should be worth it. If your business requires stability on the net then a dedicated server will offer this better and if set up correctly will offer better security online. All servers can experience problems though and ‘down time’ where the server will have time offline can cause great problems for website owners on any server which goes down or is hacked into. This is where a bit of research and word of mouth experience can come in useful, as all web host companies will profess to have great ‘up time’ but in some cases, this can be far from the truth.

The amount of trouble a company will go to when backing up and uploading their website to a new server will make changing web hosts an experience which can be both costly and time consuming, search engines can also temporarily penalise a site which is constantly changed between servers. So research is the key and making sure you choose the web space for your website.

Article by Simon Lucas.

The Importance of Local Area Networks (LAN)

A typical LAN network

A typical LAN network

A local area network, often abbreviated to LAN is an interconnecting computer network which links up computers in one building such as a school, different rooms within a home, computer laboratory or an office or offices within a building.

The term is used to describe a small localised network of joined up computers. On a larger scale a wide area network, abbreviated to WAN is often set up over a much larger area, between different buildings and sometimes stretching between different countries.

Local area networks often have superior data transfer rates to wide area networks and there is usually no need for a leased telecommunication line.

One of the most important features of a local area network is how the information is shared between computers. Previously ARCNET, Token Ring and other similar technology standards have been used to connect computers on a LAN, however, these days Ethernet (over twisted pair cabling) and Wi-Fi are now the main forms of communication technology which enables computers to share information on a LAN.

LANs used in office buildings

LANs used in office buildings

A big issue with LAN is safety and security of information shared. There is little doubt that tablets and smart phones have revolutionised learning for educational campuses, but safety is often overlooked. Network security threats and challenges on traditional port-based firewalls can be a real headache for those operating a LAN. It’s important  to ensure the LAN has application visibility and control to safeguard against harmful or inappropriate content too.

Some companies in the Healthcare sector are now using wireless LANs to access patient medical records from mobile devices at the patient’s bedside. This has potential to improve patient care and treatment accuracy, it can also reduce the overall cost of health care delivery by alleviating duplication of effort and inefficiency associated with hard copy patient records.

Many world–leading organisations like T–Mobile, Ministry of Defence, Prudential and many sections of the NHS and the public sector now employ LANs, it’s big business around the world.

Network companies offer their knowledge – from infrastructure to security, mobility and collaboration – for support everywhere the network reaches. They can also help a client choose a network with the smartest new technology built in. Typical areas where a third party network company can help a large company include: Systems Integration, Data Recovery, Application Development, It Support Services, Network Security Services and Penetration Testing.

From initial feasibility study and design, to full implementation and support, LANs help companies deliver the solutions that give their businesses advantages within communication, with no limits.

Article by Simon Lucas.

Choosing a Digital Camera

Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

If you’re looking for a good quality and reliable digital camera then you are going to do have to do a lot of research to find out which camera is best for you. There are dozens of online guides to buying a digital camera, and a visit to your local newsagents will provide you with a selection ofs digital camera magazine and “which” type guides.

An alternative option is to visit a good high street camera shop. There are plenty of shops which will be able to offer advice but ideally you will want to find a high street store with a good reputation and one with members of staff who specialise in digital cameras with knowledge of the latest products on the market.

One such shop is Jessops. Jessops has an extensive range of digital photography products, including digital cameras, camcorders, digital SLRs, camera lenses and camera accessories. Their collection includes products from some of the top brands including Canon, Sony, Nikon and more, so you can be sure of gaining a good all round perspective of what’s on the market.

Jessops stock a great range of compact digital cameras for point-and-shoot style, every day photography, and digital bridge cameras for those not quite ready to take the leap into digital SLR cameras which allow far more control and precision when capturing your subject. Completing their cameras collection is the range of compact system cameras which now includes the new Canon EOS M. Also new to the range of DSLR camera’s is the brand new Canon EOS 6D and Nikon D600.

Cannon SLR Cameras

Cannon SLR Cameras

There are some great deals on popular cameras and accessories such as the Canon Eos 600d, Nikon D7000, Nikon D5100, Nikon D800, Canon Eos 1100d, Canon Eos 650d, Canon Eos 1d and the Nikon D3100.

To make the most of your photography experience, Jessops offer a fantastic range of camera lenses to compliment your digital camera and to enable you to always get that all important shot. You’ll need somewhere to store all of those high quality photographs and that’s where Jessops will also be able to help, they stock various memory cards, from 2GB to 64GB.

Jessops also offer a full range of camcorders. The range includes compact, pocket and pro camcorders, allowing you to film in full HD. They also sell a wide range of accessories, including bags and cases, flashguns, tripods, batteries and more.

Browse the full range of digital cameras, camcorders, digital SLRs, camera lenses and accessories and buy online today. If you order by 5pm you can expect FREE next day delivery when you spend over £50.

Article by Simon Lucas

The Future of Battery Power

AA Duracell Batteries

AA Duracell Batteries

In electrical terms, a battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Most is us use batteries every day, and probably never give them a second thought, but without them, our lives would be very different.

The battery (or “voltaic pile” as it was first known) was first invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. It was then technically improved by Daniell cell in 1836, and since this time batteries have become a common power source for many household and industrial applications.

There are two different types of batteries: primary batteries (disposable batteries), which are designed to be used once and discarded, and secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries), which are designed to be recharged and used time and again. Batteries come in various shapes and sizes, from miniature cells used to power hearing aids and wristwatches to battery banks the size of rooms which provide standby power for telephone exchanges and computer data centers.

The most common type of battery that the general public come into contact with in the UK and which are familiar household items will be primary batteries. Well known makes of primary batteries include Duracell batteries, Varta, Energizer and Panasonic. All of these will be used in items such as remote controls, toys, games and other electronic objects. Typical household size batteries would be AA, AAAA and the smaller CR type batteries which power watches. 9Volt batteries are less common these days and are recognised by their rectangular shape.

Battery Powered Cars - The Future

Battery Powered Cars – The Future

Perhaps one of the most exciting advances in battery technology is the increased innovation in electric cars. While electric cars have been around since the very beginnings of the automobile, the eventual popularity of the internal combustion engine meant that battery powered vehicles would remain more for very local travel such as milk carts and for short distances. However, many cars are now using hybrid technology and the expense of petrol and diesel around the world is leading to major advances in electric cars, many see the battery powered car as the future of green eco-friendly travel. Buses are also now being manufactured as hybrid with emphasis on green travel.

Whilst technology, design and usage vary greatly, in truth, the battery is simply a way of storing energy for later use. The future of the battery as a power source is a bright one and technology and innovation will continue to improve performance ensuring the simple battery is not something we can live without.

Article by Simon Lucas

Make the most of your HDTV

HDTV (Sony)

HDTV (Sony)

Technology is improving as well as getting cheaper, which means that most of us have a HDTV standing proudly in the living room. With so many functions, channels, and new things to do, it can be difficult to know even where to start. Make sure that when you’re using your HDTV that you’re making the absolute most of it.

Get the settings right

If you want to watch films or TV in a dark room, which is the preferred way of viewing the latest blockbuster purchase, then your TV will usually be too bright on its factory settings. If your find your eyes hurt when watching your LCD HDTV, then the backlight may need dimming. The backlight controls how intense the light is emitted from the TV and changing it can make viewing much more pleasant.

The colour is changed by the ‘brightness’ and ‘contrast.’ If dark colours are washed out, your ‘brightness’ is set too high. Alternatively, if shadows are getting lost in the darkness (eyed being lost by a heavy brow, for example) it is set too low. The ‘contrast’ controls the whiter and brighter colours. Too low and the colours will be washed out again and too low makes everything murky. Make sure to adjust the ‘colour’ setting so that the skin tones are realistic, rather than over-exposed by the TV’s colour decoder.

HDTV settings

HDTV settings

Gaming is much better

Not only have TVs advanced in design, gaming consoles have as well. The graphics, the gameplay and the competitive nature of consoles and games have all been improved to make gaming on a HDTV much more enjoyable. They have also become so much more than a ‘geek’ toy. They have changed into home entertainment systems that are accessible to all the family. With games being created that increase joint interaction, engaging in family activities together in the evenings has become a lot easier. Don’t just use your TV as a passive entertainment device – make it part of your evening bonding with your family with the use of a games console.

Make it interactive

You’ve just purchased a new HDTV and now the industry talks about Smart TVs. This is the integration of television and internet. Although they mainstream versions of these are still in the conception stage, there are a few on the market that come with a large price tag.

Companies, such as, offer a cheaper alternative than buying a new TV – Android TV. Plugging it into your HDMI port will give you access to your internet connection, with an Android 4.0 interface. You can download apps, such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, and play videos through them the same way you do on your laptop. Home entertainment just got much more fun and accessible to everyone.

Don’t be too fooled by the fancy manuals and confusing terms – setting your TV to a comfortable viewing experience for you is what is important. There are more detailed and advanced guides to getting the best use and picture out of your TV, but these are a few of the essentials to start off with.