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London, UK 25th February 2015: Iconic camera manufacturer Rollei has today launched its 2015 ActionCamcorder range which boasts improved connectivity and recording resolution. Rollei’s ActionCamcorder range is the only extreme sports camera that is box-ready for any extreme endeavour, due to the impressive number of accessories included. As well as the extensive list of accessories, […]

Bigshot DIY camera helps kids learn tech basics

The BBC has recently reported that A DIY digital camera designed to teach children about how the tech it uses works has been launched in the USA. Owners of Bigshot’s device need to assemble its parts in a specific sequence to make it work. An online guide explains the science behind them. It has been […]

Printed Photo Albums

The development of the photograph over the last two centuries is without doubt one of mankind’s greatest feats to date, to be able to capture and record human existence throughout time is becoming more intriguing and important not only for nostalgic purposes but also as a documentation of what has been before. Photograpy has been […]