Should You Trade-In Your Old Macbook Air?

Macbook Air

Macbook Air

It’s fair to say that as soon as you have bought pretty much any piece of modern technology, it’smodern technology already out of date. The rate of progress being made by the big IT companies around the globe mean that they are surpassing their own ‘latest’ advancements almost as quickly as they can get those advancements out on the shelves.

If you had wanted to sell macbook air devices recently, for example, you may have been rather dismayed (or perhaps excited?) at the announcement by Apple that they were to launch five new pieces of hardware technology.

These are: the iMac; the mini iPad (to rival the Kindle Fire for size and resolution); the macbook pro 13 (with retina display technology); the 4th generation iPad (also with retina display) and the mini Mac. Is your MacBook Air now obsolete?

Of course not. It will still do what it did that made you want to buy it in the first place. If your needs remain the same, there is no reason to change it for the latest model. But if retina display is something you really hanker for, then maybe trading it in to buy the latest version is worth it, especially if you want to use it as your main computer.

The new MacBook Air is about three-quarters of a kilogram lighter than the previous model, and is pretty close in weight to the MacBook Pro. There is even less reflectiveness in the new macbook Air’s screen, making it easier than ever to read even with the backlight, and the battery should last you about seven hours between charges.

So, if you fancy taking a closer look at the new MacBook Air and decide you like it (indeed have to have one), then how do you go about affording one? An obvious choice it to sell your MacBook Air and to use the proceeds towards cost of the new model. Sell online but make sure you’re selling to someone you know is going to pay so that you’re not wasting your time.

Article by Simon Lucas

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